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Academic Year Travel Awards

A limited amount of money is available for academic year conference travel.  Please click on the link below for application information and instructions.

The Fall Application deadline for the Academic Year Travel Award is October 15th

Supply and Expense Awards

During the Fall and Spring semesters, supply-and-expense grants of up to $150 per student are awarded to undergraduates engaged in research. Students enrolled in UNIV-401/402 may apply for up to $250 per semester. Reimbursement for Summer and Winter Session research expenses may be applied for either retroactively or in advance during the fall or spring semesters. Examples of expenses for which this funding may be used include chemicals, experimental animals and care, photocopying, travel to libraries and to professional meetings, film and developing, expendable equipment. Books, computer software and computer supplies are usually not covered, unless there is a compelling case to do so.  Funds will be sent to the student’s department, where they can be claimed for use or reimbursement.

The Fall Application deadline for the Supply and Expense Award is October 15th

Click Here to Apply to Either Award

Submit any supporting documents as a PDF attachment to vsunner@udel.edu. Be sure to include your name and project title so that the documents can be linked to your application.

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